Not me. Us. Abroad.

No one candidate, not even the greatest candidate you could imagine, is capable of taking on Donald Trump and the billionaire class alone. There is only one way we win — and that is together.

We are U.S. citizens abroad, building a grass roots movement worldwide to win the Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary for Senator Sanders.

Bernie 2020 Abroad is the global campaign to elect Bernie Sanders President of the United States. We have members in more than 55 countries, and will carry the fight for the Democratic Nomination in the 44 countries of Democrats Abroad, and everywhere else outside the United States of America. Join us »

Why Join Bernie 2020 Abroad? Isn’t it good enough to join the campaign?

The Bernie campaign is focused on winning the election in the USA and isn’t really set up to deal with those of us who live in places without a ZIP code. It’s also important that we stand and be counted, not only as progressives, but as US citizens who live outside the USA. As a historically unrepresented group, there are issues we feel are important that many in the US don’t worry about — foreign taxation and investment issues are just two. But you should also join the campaign’s list — especially for local and state issues. Join now »

It’s Also Important to be a Member of Democrats Abroad

Democrats Abroad, the ‘State’ for those of us who live outside the US, is the only real opportunity we have for directly-elected representation — there’s no Governor’s office, no Congressional seats, not even an elected school board. But Democrats Abroad does have eight elected representatives to the DNC, and that number is based on membership totals. Whether you love or hate the Democratic Party, there is no better way for those of us who live abroad to have an effect than to be active participants — Democrats Abroad is our vehicle for that. Join now »